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One world examines the global best practice and success stories on tackling the world’s most common and pressing problems with the aim to expect decision-makers at homes, organizations, communities, and countries to learn from them and adopt them as much as possible.

Corruption, Work ethics, Government budget deficits, Governance, Education, Family values, Environmental protection, Economic Development, Women’s issues, etc. are all global issues where best practices should be shared and considered globally.

1. Corruption: Corruption is a global problem with far-reaching consequences. Most in the developing world are resigned to the fact that corruption is a fact of life, it’s everywhere so no point talking about it or trying to control it. This cynicism has resulted in the gradual degradation of all walks of life- from Governments to NGOs to private businesses. Though much of this is true, the fact is there are success stories that give us the hope that things can be changed for the better if we all can learn from them. We invite readers to review the global corruption numbers and indexes provided by Global Integrity Report each year at:

Georgia: a small eastern European country is the latest success story on tackling Government corruption. It has made significant progress towards achieving corruption-free governance in just the last 10 years, something others thought was impossible. Much still needs to be done but what is done already is no less than a miracle and an example for others to follow.

New stories and Videos on Georgia and its fight against corruption:

BBC NEWS report


Business climate improves in Georgia due to anti-corruption efforts:

Transparency International on Georgia:

The Economist hails Georgia

Worldwide success stories on Corruption by World Bank:

The countries with the lowest reported bribery rate are Denmark, Finland, Japan, and Australia, they all have a bribery rate of just 1%. Read more here:

2. Lessons from Germany

This one-hour documentary on BBC examines why Germany is such a success story despite being burdened to pay the bills of other fellow EU countries. From work ethics, small manufacturing businesses to great lifestyles and public discipline, Germans do things differently than the British and Americans. The irony is, most of the world has followed the British and American models, few even know why the German model is so much better. German’s don’t fear China, they beat China in most of German manufactured products.

Please read the article in this link: or better still watch the eye-opening 1 hour BBC documentary: Make me a German aired recently on BBC world.

Another article on the same story:

Got another success story that the world can learn from? Please do send us one to post in this section.


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