Is a vegetarian diet healthy?

The government of British Columbia online health guide for BC residents answers this question as follows: Vegetarian diets are healthy and can provide all the nutrients a person needs if they are properly planned. As a group, vegetarians are less likely to:

• Die because of coronary artery disease (CAD).
• Develop high blood pressure (hypertension).
• Develop lung and colorectal cancer and, possibly, breast cancer.
• Develop type 2 diabetes.
• Be overweight.

Besides, there is a tremendous body of evidence to suggest that vegetarian diets overall are much healthier than meat-based diets. The catastrophic proportion of obesity and overweight problems in USA which is home to most of the world’s multinational fast food meat-based restaurants does prove that such food is unfit for long-term human health. Recent calls for more fruits and vegetables in American and Canadian diets further prove that vegetarian diets are the answers for problems such as overweight, obesity, stroke, and many, many more.


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