In any case I can not live without meat, fish and egg.

It’s true that most meat-eaters think like that because they are grown up eating these items only and are in fact addicted to meat and meat-based foods. Most meat-eaters are unaware that an enormous number of plant-based excellent foods are available for human consumption.

However, it’s profitable for the multinational food chains to serve us meat and animal-based factory-produced junk foods that are easy to produce, serve, and market. Our advice to those who still can not understand this conspiracy against human health is as follows:

• Reduce your portion sizes down to earth. Health Canada considers 100 gm of meat a serving or less as appropriate. Make sure that you do not exceed the Health Canada advice. When you order a hamburger or rib-eye steak, the steakhouses serve you portions large enough to fulfill y

our red meat rations for a couple of months.4 Even a 75 % reduction in portion sizes for meat and fish could be a good start.


• If you think you are too accustomed to meat and fish, please do not make your children addicted to these items. Allow them to enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and other excellent plant foods. Let them decide when they grow up whether they need meat-based food or not. This is similar to what you do for smoking. You try to prevent your kids from smoking so why not from meat and fish addiction?


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