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“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances of survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” — Albert Einstein

» Cost of meat consumption

Livestock sector directly or indirectly
• Uses 1/3 of the world’s land area.
• Uses up to 70% of our clean water.
• Pollutes most of the water bodies.
• Deforests the lungs of the Earth.

» Cost of meat consumption – 2

• Uses up to 43% of the world’s cereal.
• Uses up to 85% of the world’s soy.
• Causes world hunger and wars.
• 20% cause of global warming.
• 80% of all grain produced in America is used to feed animals but could feed 2 billion people.

» “Violence anywhere hurts everyone everywhere. We are all connected.”
– Martin Luther King

» Meat and world hunger

• The grain and cereals used to produce one serving of meat could have fed 45 people.
• It takes 16 lbs of grain to produce 1 lb of meat.
• 16 lbs of grain can feed 32 hungry people.
• 862 million people go hungry every year.
• WHO reports 29,500 Kids die daily of starvation

» Meat is a violent product, Violence on animals bounces back on humans, causes conflicts globally because what goes around, also comes around.

» If each of us had to kill an animal ourselves, hear them cry and get their blood on our hands, chances are we would not eat the meat.

» Water Usage

• 1 serving of beef needs1,200 US gal/4,500 Litres
• 1 serving of chicken needs 330 US gal/1,250 Litres
• 1 vegetarian meal needs 147 US gal/550 Litres or less
• 4 quarter-pound burgers consume more water than a year’s worth of showers!
• We also have a water crisis on the planet, switching to a plant-based diet is the only solution.

» What is Food?

• What is dead (ie animals) cannot create life.
• Life (live food) creates another life.
• Animals are NOT Food.

» Summary Benefits of a Veggie Diet

• Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels
• Stronger immune system
• Reduces Type 2 diabetes
• Prevents stroke conditions
• Reverses atherosclerosis
• Reduces heart disease risk by 50%
• Reduces heart surgery risk by 80%
• Prevents many forms of cancer
Conserves up to 70% clean water
• Saves over 70% of the Amazonian rainforest
• A solution for world hunger:
– frees up 3,433 million hectares of land annually
– frees up 760 million tons of grain/yr (half the world’s grain supply)
• Consumes 2/3 less fossil fuels than those used for meat consumption
• Reduces violence, increases our focus.
• Increases life expectancy by up to 15 years
• Reduces pollution from untreated animal waste
• Maintains cleaner air
• Saves 4.5 tons of emissions per US household per year
• Stops 80% of global warming
• You will feel happy inside that no animal had to suffer for you. Your heart will be at peace.

» Let’s do it
• Be Veg!
• Go Green!
• Save The Planet!



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