Do we support PETA?

PAVF supports PETA and appreciates the good work done by it to promote a Vegetarian lifestyle and concern for the environment and animal issues. However, we do not endorse all that PETA does including its stand against Milk consumption, its use of provocative nude models, and its focus and branding as an animal rights movement. Let’s talk about each of these 3 issues.

1. PAVF supports milk consumption and humane milk production and the dairy industry. By not doing so, PETA has not been able to attract the mainstream population who firmly believes that milk production does not cause any violence. It is simply impossible to exclude all dairy from the human diet as a general rule and insisting on it had made PETA’s other good objectives unattainable.

2. PETA’s use of provocative advertising and nude models may catch some headlines but won’t win too many hearts and minds of average people. Nudity is good privately not publicly. PETA itself must be ethical first before asking ethical treatment of animals. Public display of Nudity all the time is not good ethics for a large section of the society and for the kids who must be made part of any social change since they are our future.

3. PETA must focus more on human rights to have good healthy violence-free foods rather than branding itself as an animal rights group. Anyone focusing too much on animal rights will have limited effect.


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