A lot of material on this section (FAQs) is derived also from various PETA websites such as “”. We support most of PETA activities and ask our members and readers to help PETA

Do we support PETA?

PAVF supports PETA and appreciates the good work done by it to promote a Vegetarian lifestyle and concern for the environment and animal issues. However, we do not endorse all that PETA does including its stand against Milk consumption, its use of provocative nude models, and its focus and branding as an animal rights movement. […]

Is raw food good for health?

Raw foods meaning fresh fruits and vegetables including salads, juices, and smoothies made from dark leafy greens are an important source of nutrients and therefore must be part of every Vegetarian meal. We however do not endorse those who advocate 100 % raw food as the only source of the human diet. Excluding all forms […]

In any case I can not live without meat, fish and egg.

It’s true that most meat-eaters think like that because they are grown up eating these items only and are in fact addicted to meat and meat-based foods. Most meat-eaters are unaware that an enormous number of plant-based excellent foods are available for human consumption. However, it’s profitable for the multinational food chains to serve us […]

What is wrong in eating Fish?

Fish consumption is as unethical as red meat. Fishing involves killing the fish for no valid reason. Fish is an extremely concentrated source of protein, cholesterol, and heavy metals. The smaller the fish, the more likely you are to eat the intestines and fecal material along with the animal. The bigger fish eat the smaller […]

It’s okay to eat eggs because chickens lay them naturally.

The eggs we buy in the supermarket are sterile and not unborn fetuses.” This is true, but the real cruelty of egg production lies in the treatment of the “laying hens” themselves, who are perhaps the most abused of all factory-farmed animals. Each egg from today’s factory farms represents 22 hours of misery for a […]

Why should vegetarians drink milk since milk is also an animal product?

Vegetarians are not against animal products but violence against innocent animals. It is possible to produce milk without harming the animal. Unlike meat, chicken, or fish, the animal is not killed during or after milking. There is nothing wrong with the human use of animals to the extent violence is not caused. The Creator has […]