Ask Animals what they think about us:

On the question of whether a man is a natural meat-eater or vegetarian, it is important to see how animals perceive us or think about us. We all agree that animals are not biased and are always correct and think very naturally.

It is well known that animals and birds perceive the onset of earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, etc long before man is able to do so.

With this in mind, we can now examine how Meat-eating animals and non-meat-eating animals react when coming in close contact with humans.

For Meat-eating animals, Man is a natural non-meat eater

We know that Meat-eating animals (lion, tiger, leopard, etc) generally kill and want to eat the flesh of non-meat-eating animals only. The less mighty meat-eating animals (wolf, fox, jackal, etc.) don’t fear death when they are close to the mightier ones like lions, etc.

We know that the mightier meat-eating animals like lions; tigers do occasionally kill and eat human flesh. Also, as humans, we fear for our life when we see such meat-eating animals because we know they might kill us easily.

This proves that

1. For the meat-eating animals, we are non-meat eaters and therefore they want to kill us and eat us.

2. If man was a natural meat eater like a lion or even like Wolf or Fox, we will not fear for our life from the mighty animals like lions, etc. just like wolf and Fox do not fear from Lion and Tiger.

For Nonmeat eating animals too, Man is a natural Vegetarian

The herbivores such as a cow, horses, sheep, deer, etc. run for their lives as soon as they perceive the proximity of a meat-eating animal such as a lion, tiger, etc. However the Herbivores (cow, horse, etc.) do not run for their lives when they see humans, rather, after a little bit of initial fear, they quickly can trust humans and can easily be domesticated. Just a few friendly gestures are enough to gain the trust of these Veggie animals because they presume that we are Vegetarians like them and therefore we will not kill or eat them.

In short, the herbivores or no meat-eating animals think we are vegetarians and therefore do not run away from us but do so when they see the mightier meat-eating animals.

This proves that in the eyes of non-meat-eating animals, we are natural Vegetarians just like them.

• The Article above is written, compiled, and edited by Mike Damani. However, the inspiration and logical explanations are derived from the book of Dr. Harish Chandra, Ph.D. titled ‘ The Human Nature and Human food.

• Reader’s feedback/comments on this article will be greatly appreciated.


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