In any case I can not live without meat, fish and egg.

It’s true that most meat-eaters think like that because they are grown up eating these items only and are in fact addicted to meat and meat-based foods. Most meat-eaters are unaware that an enormous number of plant-based excellent foods are available for human consumption. However, it’s profitable for the multinational food chains to serve us […]

What is wrong in eating Fish?

Fish consumption is as unethical as red meat. Fishing involves killing the fish for no valid reason. Fish is an extremely concentrated source of protein, cholesterol, and heavy metals. The smaller the fish, the more likely you are to eat the intestines and fecal material along with the animal. The bigger fish eat the smaller […]

It’s okay to eat eggs because chickens lay them naturally.

The eggs we buy in the supermarket are sterile and not unborn fetuses.” This is true, but the real cruelty of egg production lies in the treatment of the “laying hens” themselves, who are perhaps the most abused of all factory-farmed animals. Each egg from today’s factory farms represents 22 hours of misery for a […]

Why should vegetarians drink milk since milk is also an animal product?

Vegetarians are not against animal products but violence against innocent animals. It is possible to produce milk without harming the animal. Unlike meat, chicken, or fish, the animal is not killed during or after milking. There is nothing wrong with the human use of animals to the extent violence is not caused. The Creator has […]

What’s wrong in killing animals raised for food?

The answer is who gave humans the right to kill animals raised by them? Can a mother kill a little child just because she raised the child? We all have a right to produce but none has a right to kill other creatures deliberately for self-interest and that too for food and taste only. Better […]

I didn’t kill the animal.

No, but you hired the killer. Whenever you purchase meat or fish, which means that the killing was done for you and you paid for it.

I know a vegetarian who is unhealthy.

There are healthy and unhealthy vegetarians. But doctors agree that vegetarians who eat a varied, low-fat diet stand a much better chance of living longer, healthier lives than their meat-eating counterparts.