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Do we support PETA?

PAVF supports PETA and appreciates the good work done by it to promote a Vegetarian lifestyle and concern for the environment and animal issues. However,

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The Holy Cow Vs Vegans

The 2006 IPCC report of The United nations Climate change Panel confirmed that Livestock causes 18 % of the global greenhouse gas emissions, full 5

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The government’s view

Western Governments under pressure from the meat industry and the animal farming, poultry, and fishing lobbies have traditionally scared people from the thought of Vegetarian

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Dayanand And The Cow

According to Swami Dayanand (1824-1883) and his book- ‘Go- Karuna Nidhi’, one cow can feed or support 410,440 people at least once during her lifetime

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Vast tracts of land are needed to grow crops to feed the billions of animals we raise for food each year. According to scientists at

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Meat and the Environment

Global warming. Overexploited natural resources. Deforestation. Wasted land. Water and air pollution. The most serious environmental problems of our time are all directly linked to

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This is World Veg

Why one should be vegetarian

People against Violence for Food or PAVF is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based not for profit organization founded to achieve the following objectives

Raising awareness against large scale violence for food being undertaken by the meat fish and chicken

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Reasons Why one should become a vegetarian

Veganism: The Silent Healer

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