Know about us

Who We Are & What We Aim For

People against Violence for Food or PAVF is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based not for profit organization founded to achieve the following objectives:

» Raising awareness against large scale violence for food being undertaken by the meat, fish and chicken industry and its impact on environment and global warming as evidenced by the UN in its 2006 report on climate change.

» Promoting health benefits and sustainability of vegetarian Plant based diets to cut health care costs and conserve other resources.

» Compiling information and research materials relating to meat consumption and human health, environmental and ethical issues.

» Inspiring People to choose healthier, greener lifestyles by avoiding other social evils such as smoking, gambling, excessive drinking etc.

» Promoting harmony among various races, religions and ethnic groups and attempting to reconcile differences by agreeing on certain common human values so as to promote world peace, universal brotherhood and spirituality.

» Promoting like-minded organizations and businesses.

» Providing vegetarian based recipes and training veggie cooking.

» Promoting family values, ethics and spirituality.

» Providing practical solutions to Governments and policy makers on socio- economic issues.

» Doing all possible to benefit members and community at large.

We wish to emphasize that this website is an attempt to compile all relevant information available from various sources and present them in a user friendly way. We do not take any credit for the various research articles made available on this site and wherever possible will inform readers the actual source of such information.

Unlike some other vegetarian organizations, we believe that milk production does not necessarily cause violence and we are therefore not against milk or dairy products. We believe that the dairy industry must ensure maximum possible animal welfare and need to make milk production more humanely. We do support our vegan friends and appreciate their better life style choice but do not consider Veganism as a practical alternative. In fact, veganism and over insistence on dairy avoidance may weaken the vegetarian movement and make it look like an impractical solution. The less we insist on people’s food habits, more effective we become. We therefore believe that while vegetarianism is a must for a healthier, greener and more prosperous world, veganism is only optional. Avoiding all dairy products is neither necessary nor practical for most of world’s poor, farmers, and average household. No responsible government can support Veganism ignoring the needs of masses and the farmers. Most governments are already now supporting Vegetarian life style and we will make sure they accept this concept even more in their own interest to cut health care costs and conserve other resources.